Section 2: Communication Plans


Section 2: Communication Plans


Entry 1: Technology to Support Communication


In the past few decades communication in education has changed dramatically, there are more ways to reach out to colleagues, parents, and students than there has ever been. This change has been a result of our massive technological advancements society has had and this change has caused people to become more reliant on it to communicate. These are just a few of the ways teachers and future teachers, like myself, can use it to better communicate with others. As well as teach out young students ways to help them be safe in today’s digital world and to show them proper ways to communicate.

Technology to Enhance Communication

Cellphone texting”:

There are so many ways to communicate effectively with today’s technology and each one has its own unique effectiveness. For example, if a person just wants to inform someone of something small and doesn’t need any feedback on the subject then a text is the perfect way to communicate it not only sends a message it keeps it short and to the point. A teacher can sent texts by setting up a Remind 101 account and having parents and students signing up for it. This helps ensure that everyone involved in a class can stay up to date with the activities that are happening on a daily basis. Many principals have also set up accounts like this to help remind their staff of any upcoming events they may have or to make them away of a situation that may be developing in the school, the same can be done by teachers. Let’s say that there was a bomb threat at a school a principal could simply text all staff members at once of the situation and they could follow the plans in place instead of the principal having to go over the intercom to make the announcement or calling teachers individually.


Email is another way for teachers to communicate effectively with parents, students, and the global community. One of the many things that make email great is it is easy to send attachments via email to whomever a teacher wishes. They could send a parent a notice of a student’s failing grade or let them know that the student has not been doing well that way they will not be blindsided when the report card comes out. So it is a great way to show that a teacher has made parents aware of how their child is doing and to show documentation that they gave them a notice. Documentation is another very important aspect of schools in today’s society where is seems like so many people are always trying to blame student problems on teachers. Another effective way email can be used is by asking a colleague or mentor, who lives in a different time zone, for some advice or just to stay in contact with them. A person might also ask them to send them a template that the teacher might find useful in class. Instead of mailing, which costs money, they could just attach it to an email and send it off.

If a teacher has something urgent or serious to discuss with parents or other members of the community one of the best ways is still a phone call. The other forms of communication will never be quite as person as hearing someone else’s voice and they can also sometimes be misunderstood by the readers. Phone calls offer both people a good sense of where the other stands relating to the topic of the discussion. Also from a teacher’s standpoint if the parent does not answer the phone a voicemail is can be much more easily understood. The telephone is also a good way to get quick information from a teacher or others who work for the school district. Say a student tells a teacher that they need to go to another class to finish a project or assignment and the teacher they have doesn’t have anything important for them to do or the student is already caught up on their work. So they let the student go to the other class and call the other teachers room number to make sure that the student didn’t have any incident going over to the class.

Video Conferences”:

Though probably not one of the most used methods of communication there will always be things that should be done face to face. Admission, Review, Dismissal meetings or the shorter ARD meetings do have to be done with a parent present at the meeting. One of the ways this can be done is by having a video conference because a parent may have to go out of town for something or may not live with the student. Video conferences are much more personal then phone calls and can also allow several more people to join in the meeting. This allows for much more information to be past and presented during a meeting and for more concerns to be addressed. With things becoming more and more global and messages never being able to compare to actual visual and audio communication there has been a rise in video communication. Another thing that this form of communication improves on is spending. People no longer have to drive or use some other form of transportation, which costs money, to communicate face to face.

Communication Internet Security and Safety

Online security has become one of the biggest things people are worried about whenever they log onto a computer. It is also one of the many things that teachers should address when working with their students online. Scammer’s ability and spyware they use to steal information from others has just gotten worse and it is hard for young children to understand what not being internet safe can do to their lives. When a person become a teacher they should hope to be able to instill some knowledge of what can happen if the students do not take online safety seriously. They should also try to make it a simple and quick, but effective, review of the things that can happen when one’s identity or information is stolen.
Concluding Paragraph

Since working for a school district many people have mentioned how fast meetings can be set up and how quickly things get sent out to address any issues that a school may be having. The other day a principal sent all teachers and staff a text that no phones should be allowed to be used in classrooms because of an issue that was occurring on Facebook. This speed of information has also cause dealing with issues quickly that much more urgent. There is also the manner of security, many people have already seen what happens when a student does not stay safe online. The incident at the school happened a few days ago when they had heard that a boy from the school had gotten ahold of a girl’s phone and uploaded private pictures of her onto her own Facebook account and many of the other students had shared them as a way of humiliating the girl.





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