Assessment Technology


While technology continues to grow we continue to try and keep up. In education our assessment tools continue to improve and also gear more toward using online assessment tools. This paper will go over some of those tools and how they are used both inside and outside of the classroom. Then what are some of the pros and cons of using this technology to give and manage assessments. It will also go over the different types of assessments, what they are used for, and how they are different. Lastly it will cover the meeting of the ISTE standards. Today most companies won’t meet with a person until they have sent them a resume online and if a person tries to go work at subway they usually have to take an online survey assessment before they even get the job this is partly why using technology is so important in use of teaching assessments.

Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning

There are a number of ways teachers can use technology to assess a student’s learning and in many schools a teacher has to use technology to assess student’s progress. In Mathis, TX at the high school some teachers use TTM or Think Through Math computer program to help teach and assess students learning. The students log on to the program and begin working on math problems, as they go along sometimes the program will give them a math game to play to keep them interested, when they finish a lesson they receive a grade and move on to the next lesson. Then the teacher can keep track of their progress and see what a student or the class may be having a problem with or doing well on and provide feedback. Once a problem has been identified the teacher can then find a way to assist or make modification on how the students can better learn the material.


Socrative is a website where teachers can build assessments for students to see their progress and understanding of lessons. One way to do this is to be to make a quiz for students to take with a number of different ways at looking at a problem and see where the students may be having any difficulties, then work with the students to help in their learning. A teacher can also create a space race to encourage students to become fast and efficient with the material they learn in class. There is also a way for the teacher to ask short questions to the students for immediate feedback.


Another place for teachers to find a good way to assess their students is the math worksheet generator. It is a place teachers can go to create a fast and easy assessment for students to take, many math teachers use it to sometimes give their students a worksheet to see where they are at academically, they can also use it to give the students busy work to keep them distracted. The website can generate a number of different assessments and not all the assessments have to be the same, the time that this website has saved teachers cannot be counted.


Ask3 is an app that helps teachers and students collaborate on lessons and assessments. Teachers can load up short instructional videos for students to watch and students can add their own input by asking questions and making comments. The teacher can also ask the whole class questions to get participation from students who can respond in a number of ways, they can take parts of the video and draw on it and ask a question or they can send their own audio recordings of their findings. This way the teacher can gage the students’ knowledge of the criteria that they may be studying. What also makes this a great assessment tool is that it can be done from anywhere, to make it easier for students to access it and take their assessments.

Formative and Summative Assessments

Well formative assessments usually occur during instruction and provide information to the instructors so that they can possibly adjust to better help their students. Summative assessments usually happen at the end of a year, semester, or lesson to summarize what the student has learned throughout a certain period of time. Socrative can be used to give both formative and summative assessments, a teacher can give students quizzes or space races to get feedback on what the students may have difficulty with or they can use the quiz as a summative assessment to evaluate what the students have learned. like Socrative can be used to both give formative or summative assessments, by printing the assessments out the teacher can decide if they should be given as either a formative or summative assessment. Ask3 will probably be more of a formative assessment because of it being used mainly outside of class. Pros and Cons of using Technology to Facilitate Assessment

Use of technology to facilitate assessments has been growing a great deal in recent years thanks to all the pros that come with it. One of these pros is speed assessments can be created and evaluated a great deal fast than without the use of a lot of the technology out there. There is also the ease of communication between student and teacher, teachers can now call, text, email, or even use an app to talk to or hear from students about the lessons they teach. The technology “helps both the teacher and the students to follow to performance of the students.” Assessments can also be done from just about anywhere as long as students have a device to use to take the assessments, which most have in the form of a computer or mobile device. This high use of technology also helps the student become more comfortable with it and in the future perhaps give them the skills necessary to compete for a higher level job. When it comes to technology there are always drawbacks and one of the drawbacks that people talk about is how it effects the teacher student relationship and “there are also concerns of a pedagogical type—for instance, distractions caused by using networked mobile devices instead of focusing on course content.” Sorry to say but students having so much access to technology can cause a distraction, not just to the person using the technology, but the people who notice what that person is doing with their technology.

“Should a teacher only use technology to assess student learning? Why or why not?”

The answer is absolutely not. Technology is great, but it is much easier to tamper with than a regular paper assessment where the teacher is keeping a close eye on all the students. Also there will always be a human factor that students should learn to get use to, they should know how not only to use technology to take an assessment, but also how to work it with pen or paper. While computers and mobile devices can be tricked or not ask the right questions, teachers know how to get a feel if their students are not understanding the material.

What is the importance of assessment technology in connection with the ISTE standards?

Assessment technology importance to ISTE standards is that it reaches all of the standards. Technology use facilitates and inspires student learning and creativity, it helps design and develop digital age learning experiences, models digital age work and learning, promotes and models digital citizenship and responsibility, and it helps engage in professional growth and leadership.

Concluding Paragraph for Software to Support Assessment

            While technology has its drawbacks this paper should be a good explanation of why it is so important to use technology to support teacher assessments. Also what kinds of assessments there are and some of the technologies used to help facilitate them. It is also important to remember how assessment technology reaches all of the ISTE standards. So always remember the important role that technology plays in the education system and how it can affect the students.










Myers, Sandra (2015). Formative and Summative Assessments


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